Knowledge Base - Aiming Camera

Aiming Camera

Following Demon
Figure 1: Following a Demon

The aiming camera is another ZDoom camera similar to the Security camera. However, this camera will aim at and follow a target. The sample wad, aimcam.wad illustrates the use of the camera.

The aiming camera (9073) takes four parameters:

  1. pitch: pitch of camera in degrees, 0 is straight ahead, 1-89 is down, and 166-255 is up (angle subtracted from 256).
  2. yaw: maximum number of degrees to turn yaw per second.
  3. turn: maximum number of degrees to turn pitch per second.
  4. tid: tid of thing to follow.

The camera is activated by using the ChangeCamera (237) special. The ChangeCamera special has three parameters:

  1. tag: The camera tid.
  2. who: 0 if the view only changes for the player activating the special, 1 if all player views change.
  3. revert: 1 for the view reverts back to player when player moves.


ZDoom reference by Marisa Heit.