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Creating Donuts

Figure 1: A Donut

A donut in Doom isn't something a police officer eats. Rather, it is pillar surrounded by a pool. When the donut special is activated, the pillar moves down, the pool moves up and the texture of the pool becomes the texture of the surrounding floor. A lot of stuff happens and it only takes one special. The wad, donut.wad illustrates the use of a donut.

Donuts are controlled by the Floor_Donut (# 250) special. It takes three parameters:

Floor_Donut (ptag, pspeed, sspeed)

  • ptag: the pillar tag.
  • pspeed: the speed at which the pillar moves down.
  • sspeed: the speed at which the pool floor moves up.

Donuts are useful for hiding powerups in plain sight and offer a lot of action for a single special.

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ZDoom reference by Marisa Heit.