Knowledge Base - Sector Action Things

Sector Action Things

There are several new sector related things that can now be used. With these things, you can have the game execute a special when the player does something inside its containing sector. The special used is the thing's special. You can place multiple things inside a sector, and they will not cancel each other out.

  • Thing 9998: Player enters the sector.
  • Thing 9997: Player leaves the sector.
  • Thing 9999: Player hits the floor (or walks onto it from a neighboring sector).
  • Thing 9996: Player hits the ceiling
  • Thing 9995: Player presses +use inside the sector, and there is no wall in range with a special
  • Thing 9994: Player presses +use on a wall, and the wall doesn't have its own special

If you set the thing's ambush/deaf bit, monsters can also trigger the thing. If you set the thing's dormant bit, projectiles can also trigger the thing.


ZDoom reference by Marisa Heit.