Knowledge Base - Slopes


Sloping Floor and Ceiling
Figure 1: Sloping Floor and Ceiling

An exciting feature of ZDoom is the ability to create sloping floors and ceilings. Slopes can enhance the layout of a level and are easy to use. The sample wad, slope.wad, is included in this tutorial.

The slope special (181) takes two parameters:

  1. floor: 1 to slope on front of line, 2 to slope on back of line.
  2. ceiling: 1 to slope on front of line, 2 to slope on back of line.

Both floor and ceiling can be set independently or together.

To create a sloping sector, join two sectors as illustrated in Figure 2.

Map Layout
Figure 2: Map Layout

The sector on the right has a ceiling value of 96 and a floor value of 32. The sector on the left has a ceiling value of 128 and a floor value of 0. Since we are going to slope the floor on the right, and the floor and ceiling values of the right sector are less than the left sector, the floor will slope up and the ceiling will slope down. If we wanted to have the slopes go in the opposite direction, then we would adjust the right sector floor and ceiling values to be greater than the left sector. As is illustrated in Figure 1, both the floor and ceiling are set to slope.

Add slopes when you want to add variety to your level or to create natural landscapes. Slopes are very easy to create and will enhance any Doom level.


ZDoom reference by Marisa Heit.