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Editing Tutorials

On this page you will find various tutorials on editing the ZDoom engine. ZDoom is arguably the most advanced Doom source port to date. It incorporates TeamTNT's Boom extensions with Hexen's expanded sector, linedef and thing specifications. The biggest advance, in my opinion, is the addition Hexen's ACS scripting language. ACS has opened a whole new editing experience to the Doom level designer allowing unprecedented control of the Doom world.

These tutorials are targeted at the Doom level designer that has never edited Hexen. This section is a work in progress and expect the tutorial list to grow as I gain more insight into the workings of the ZDoom engine. Be sure to read the ZDoom Reference file that comes with the ZDoom package as well as the Hexen specs available with the WadAuthor package.

My thanks to Marisa Heit for her support and help in these tutorials.

My thanks to Bruce A. Benko for adding ZDoom to DMapEdit and helping me get started with DME.

Line Specials

Transfer_Light Specials

Sector Specials

Implementing Colored Lighting
Phased Lighting
Simulated Phased Lighting via Scripting
Gravity Special
Ceiling and Floor Texture Change
Deep Water
Animated Flats and Textures
Flat Warping
Making an Elevator
Building Pillars
Creating Donuts
Building a Staircase

Thing Specials

Setting up Monster Patrol Routes
Using the Monster Special
Using the ThingCount Function
Using the Particle System
Using the Bridge Thing
Sector Action Things

Poly Objects

Sliding Doors Using Poly Objects
Rotating Doors Using Poly Objects
Recessed Switch
Fixing Polyobject Texture Bleeding

Script Library

A Scripting Primer
Michael NiggelMisc Scripts
Dec0n's ZDooM Example Wad #1


Spiral Stairs
Two Story Building
A Filling Basin
Portal Door
Combo Lock
Force Field
Sky Window
A Split Door


Security Camera
Aiming Camera
Moving Camera


Color Chart
Music Specials
Message Specials


ZDoom & WadAuthor
WadAuthor Basics
Making Multi_Map Wads for WadAuthor
The WadAuthor WCF File
Quickly Adjusting Sector Heights in WadAuthor
Setting Up DMapEdit for ZDoom Editing
Using WinTex To Insert a Lump
DeepSea Graphic Import and Texture Creation