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Security Camera

Camera View
Figure 1: Camera in Action

The security camera is a camera that pans from side to side, much like the security camera in Duke Nukem 3D. It is a great addition to either a single player or multiplayer map.

The security camera (9025) takes three parameters:

  1. pitch: pitch of camera in degrees, 0 is straight ahead, 1-89 is down, and 166-255 is up (angle subtracted from 256).
  2. degrees pan: number of degrees camera will rotate in either direction from its original orientation.
  3. time to cycle: number of octics to complete one cycle of turning.

Place the camera in the map and set the thing angle to point in the direction you want the camera to face. Set the three parameters of the camera and give the camera a new thing id. The example wad, seccam.wad, illustrates using the camera.

The camera is activated by using the ChangeCamera (237) special. The ChangeCamera special has three parameters:

  1. tag: The camera tid.
  2. who: 0 if the view only changes for the player activating the special, 1 if all player views change.
  3. revert: 1 for the view reverts back to player when player moves.

If you have played Duke Nukem you know how much fun the security cameras can be in both single player and multi-player maps.


ZDoom reference by Marisa Heit.