Knowledge Base - Ceiling and Floor Texture Change

Ceiling and Floor Texture Change

Texture BeforeTexture After
Figure 1: Texture Before and After

One thing I often wished was the ability to change the texture of a sector dynamically. Boom allowed this using a model sector. It can be done in ZDoom now, with a simple set of specials. Figure 1 shows a pic before and after a texture change in the demo wad texchg.wad.

In the demo wad a switch activates the following script:

script 1 (void)
    ChangeCeiling (1, "TLITE6_6");
    ChangeFloor (1, "FLAT22");

Two different specials are used to change the texture, but both of them use the same parameters.

ChangeCeiling sector-tag, texture-name
ChangeFloor sector-tag, texture-name

  • sector-tag: This is a unique number that identifies the sector.
  • texture-name: The name of the flat to use.

This is almost too easy. Even though simple to use, these are powerful specials and adds another set of tools to the level designer's toolbox.


ZDoom reference by Marisa Heit.
3D Game Alchemy by Steve Benner, et al. Copyright © 1996 By Sams Publishing