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21-Jan-2022 (Friday) at 16:40:04 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 2ab4539d4 (HEAD -> master)
Parents: 4c4fafc2c

  • fix logic error with shader compatibility layer

20-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 22:38:46 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 4c4fafc2c
Parents: 64f4332b4

  • add debug ccmds to manipulate custom postprocess shaders and their uniforms from the console

20-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 13:30:23 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 64f4332b4
Parents: 851d058a4

  • add cmath includes to fix the mac compile std::floor errors

19-Jan-2022 (Wednesday) at 18:14:08 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 851d058a4
Parents: 0d8d4a2ad

  • split up namedef.h into a shared and game specific part and cleaned out many unused names.

13-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 00:27:36 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit 0d8d4a2ad
Parents: efbb31fa3

fix mbf21 A_FindTracer fov cone being twice as big as intended

13-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 00:22:09 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit efbb31fa3
Parents: 40a5c4c1c

add SMF_PRECISE flag to mbf21 A_SeekTracer, for accuracy

13-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 00:19:17 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit 40a5c4c1c
Parents: a4b124bff

fix mbf21 A_SeekTracer not working (arg type shenanigans)

13-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 00:08:15 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit a4b124bff
Parents: 25f28c4b5

fix mbf21 A_ConsumeAmmo ignoring explicit amount arg if weapon's ammopershot field set

13-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 00:07:37 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit 25f28c4b5
Parents: 00d4442fc

fix mbf21 A_ConsumeAmmo taking 0 ammo instead of 1 if ammopershot field not set (need to amend the spec for this, argh)

11-Jan-2022 (Tuesday) at 14:51:00 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit 00d4442fc
Parents: cf04ebb77

fix MBF21 A_WeaponMeleeAttack function name typo & args

11-Jan-2022 (Tuesday) at 12:28:48 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit cf04ebb77
Parents: 97859fd60

fix MBF21 A_WeaponProjectile spawn position

11-Jan-2022 (Tuesday) at 11:55:34 EST by Xaser Acheron
Commit 97859fd60
Parents: e6c6471e2

fix MBF21 GetSoundArg off-by-one: sound indices are 1-indexed in args because Killough

16-Jan-2022 (Sunday) at 18:32:54 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit e6c6471e2
Parents: 84458ddb9

  • fixed logic error with depth bias state in hardware renderer.

16-Jan-2022 (Sunday) at 18:07:43 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 84458ddb9
Parents: 12ed24d06

  • redid postprocessing shader interface to be free of the player dependency.

This is something that really should be done in higher level code - the shader interface should only concern itself with the shader and not the conditions that block its use. The Shader class has been redone as a thin wrapper and been deprecated.

15-Jan-2022 (Saturday) at 20:17:11 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 12ed24d06
Parents: c3fc4e347

  • separate i_pauseinbackground and i_soundinbackground - they probably should ultimately be moved out of the sound code

15-Jan-2022 (Saturday) at 10:01:19 EST by alexey.lysiuk
Commit c3fc4e347
Parents: 79c9b979d

  • added Visual Studio 2022 target to continuous integration

11-Jan-2022 (Tuesday) at 11:19:16 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 79c9b979d
Parents: a1d0d2727

  • backend update from Raze.

11-Jan-2022 (Tuesday) at 00:02:02 EST by Marisa Heit
Commit a1d0d2727
Parents: e529f2d4d

Make GC::CheckTime 64-bit, just in case.

10-Jan-2022 (Monday) at 23:44:03 EST by Marisa Heit
Commit e529f2d4d
Parents: 31549997b

Revert "- be a bit more aggressive with the GC when not running the game loop."

This reverts commit b4d03501aff8b7ff8318f562a00a6ef89adb9eb1.

10-Jan-2022 (Monday) at 23:20:40 EST by Marisa Heit
Commit 31549997b
Parents: 597856c1d

Fix GC so collection rate is proportional to alloc rate

  • Previous comments in dobjgc.cpp suggested that StepMul was used to determine how quickly garbage was collected based on how quickly memory was being allocated. This was not the case. Now it is.
  • Remove calls to CheckGC from the thinkers. With GC running at a stable rate (once per frame), there should be no need to inject pauses into the collection process to keep it from injecting stutters (provided StepMul is sane). The risk of running out of memory because we don't run a collection pass absolutely every thinker should be practically zero.
  • Reduce DEFAULT_GCMUL from 400 to 200, since it does what it says now instead of something else.

06-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 18:40:40 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 597856c1d
Parents: be103bd9d

  • use an enum for the FX_* flags.

These were still #defines.

06-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 18:39:22 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit be103bd9d
Parents: 32de66321

  • fixed: the powerup item for respawn invulnerability was never given to the player.

06-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 18:33:56 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 32de66321
Parents: 49ab6612c

  • fixed MBF21's A_SeekTracer.

This cannot directly call A_SeekerMissile because that has more parameters. It now maps to a wrapper that takes care of these.

06-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 18:31:57 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 49ab6612c
Parents: 64ef03428

  • fixed Dehacked parsing issues with weapon properties.

Due to a badly used string length check this code didn't really do what it was supposed to.

06-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 18:16:30 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 64ef03428
Parents: 63fa01205

  • added proper range check to the main sound playing function.

We got a report where this crashed on a bad sound index.

06-Jan-2022 (Thursday) at 18:09:59 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 63fa01205
Parents: e6403197e

  • fixed potential infinite loop in Hexen-style stair builder.

05-Jan-2022 (Wednesday) at 12:17:28 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit e6403197e
Parents: 68d4c3f19

  • drop yet another option from the simple mouse menu

05-Jan-2022 (Wednesday) at 12:13:48 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 68d4c3f19
Parents: ea9d945ff

  • drop more options from the simple mouse menu

05-Jan-2022 (Wednesday) at 11:10:28 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit ea9d945ff
Parents: ee1774e95

  • create new menu page for simple mouse options menu - remove advanced settings like the individual speed fine-tuning

02-Jan-2022 (Sunday) at 05:27:47 EST by Marisa Kirisame
Commit ee1774e95
Parents: e60e6967c

Relicense UE1 model loader as MIT. Match up with the same relicensing that affected umeshtools, which this loader takes most of its code from.

02-Jan-2022 (Sunday) at 06:23:42 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit e60e6967c
Parents: 3b879c565

  • whitespace cleanup, updated from Raze.

02-Jan-2022 (Sunday) at 06:08:47 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 3b879c565
Parents: 9d2431187

  • changed the license of 3 more files free of external contributions to LGPL v2.

02-Jan-2022 (Sunday) at 05:38:39 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 9d2431187
Parents: 1c517d19f

  • reverted the license of the stereo3D code to BSD.

None of this was ever put under the GPL by its original author, so it is now back to its original license.

29-Dec-2021 (Wednesday) at 04:25:31 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 1c517d19f
Parents: 6aea7694b

  • Backend update from Raze.

This is mainly code cleanup from setting the compiler to a stricter warning level.

01-Jan-2022 (Saturday) at 08:58:40 EST by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 6aea7694b
Parents: 0947f60c3

  • updated LZMA to 21.07

28-Dec-2021 (Tuesday) at 12:03:32 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit 0947f60c3
Parents: dae879306

  • move and copy SHT2E0 into the game-appropriate filter for Doom 2 games and wadsmoosh

28-Dec-2021 (Tuesday) at 10:33:42 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit dae879306
Parents: f02060f82

  • moved Chex1 widescreen assets to the proper place.

27-Dec-2021 (Monday) at 06:27:35 EST by Player701
Commit f02060f82
Parents: 2945e10a0

  • Fixed crash with Scroll_Texture_Offsets with non-zero tag

24-Dec-2021 (Friday) at 10:03:53 EST by drfrag
Commit 2945e10a0
Parents: 395b5695a

  • More wrong tracer flags in ActorMover.

23-Dec-2021 (Thursday) at 13:28:28 EST by drfrag
Commit 395b5695a
Parents: b4c74fabd

  • Fixed: ActorMover was not changing its tracer's flags.

14-Dec-2021 (Tuesday) at 08:42:44 EST by Major Cooke
Commit b4c74fabd
Parents: bbd91be5d

Added NoTrim support for ANIMDEFS, same syntax as TEXTURES outside a definition.

14-Dec-2021 (Tuesday) at 03:32:40 EST by Major Cooke
Commit bbd91be5d
Parents: 2ce5b49ca

Added NoTrim for TEXTURES.

  • This can be applied either in or outside of a definition of a sprite.
  • Simply adding "NoTrim" inside a definition will apply it.
  • Syntax outside of a sprite is NoTrim <SpriteName>.

06-Dec-2021 (Monday) at 08:51:19 EST by Player701
Commit 2ce5b49ca
Parents: bb8534ed0

  • Exported the "paused" global variable to ZScript

29-Nov-2021 (Monday) at 04:57:48 EST by drfrag
Commit bb8534ed0
Parents: bf1577a98

Fix LZMA compilation with VS 32 bit. (patch by Igor Pavlov)

28-Nov-2021 (Sunday) at 18:40:25 EST by Sean Baggaley
Commit bf1577a98
Parents: 9fac6058b

ACS: fixed an old regression in which printing a map char array did not dereference the given array variable

27-Nov-2021 (Saturday) at 09:26:07 EST by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 9fac6058b
Parents: 121b89306

  • enabled LZMA multithreading on all platforms

27-Nov-2021 (Saturday) at 09:00:09 EST by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 121b89306
Parents: d0697d980

  • updated LZMA to 21.06

25-Nov-2021 (Thursday) at 08:14:01 EST by Player701
Commit d0697d980
Parents: 54ad3433b

  • Fixed some issues with the scaling feature of DStatusBarCore::DrawString

21-Nov-2021 (Sunday) at 07:01:42 EST by Emile Belanger
Commit 54ad3433b
Parents: 4530a7b58

GLES: Load default shader if we try to load user shader to avoid crash

21-Nov-2021 (Sunday) at 04:10:58 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 4530a7b58
Parents: b1fea228b

  • minor optimization to last PR to use a FixedBitArray to reduce stack impact of the check array.

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