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Screenshot of Æons of Death
Æons of Death 6.07
Authors DBThanatos, Major Cooke, Michaelis
Port ZDoom
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Status Released
Link Development thread


Æons of Death is a massive compilation wad that brings together monsters, weapons, and items from numerous games, such as Heretic, Hexen, Quake, Quake 2, etc.

It uses a randomization code which causes any monster or weapon in a certain class to spawn a random monster or weapon respectively. For example, in place of an imp, a snake imp, a catharsi, or one of several others might appear. Also, in place of a shotgun, a SPAS Shotgun or the Flare Gun from Blood might appear. This guarantees that it will never be the same game twice.

Monsters might also drop weapons, ammo, health, or items such as bottles of medicine, artifacts, or runes which can also be stored in the inventory for later use.


Version 6.06.1 overhauls preferences and enhances customization, including:

  • Toggleable themes
  • Toggleable 'extras'
  • Toggleable directors

Game modes override the current selected themes and extras. The Joke Mode, however, is taken into account for spawning joke weaponry found in the game modes. Current game mode descriptions: None

  • Relies upon player configured themes.

Left 4 Dead

  • A far cry from all the other options you have, the maps will be completely devoid of life... for a moment. But once you start moving, watch your step--A specialized version of the Director just for this theme in particular is always playing against you.
  • Word of caution: Choosing to play Monster Mayhem causes the director to have only half the cooldowns and spawns double the zombies to fight you. However, this also means more rewards at a much faster rate. This is an intensified, but still equally balanced version of the game mode built for adrenaline junkies who love outrunning hordes upon hordes of zombies. The Director is merciless about throwing whatever it wants your way, but should you survive, you just might find yourself lucky enough to finding a few weapons you wouldn't normally encounter without beating a boss or two in regular game modes...

Important Notes

  • You must use the SVNs of (G)Zdoom in order to play this mod. This mod will not work with Skulltag.
  • Due to the design of the new HUDs, is highly recommended that you set the messages to appear centered on the screen

Options->Display->Messages Also "Minimum Message Level" to "Obituaries". This is to avoid getting a lot of (unnecessary) messages in the screen that might cover your stats. This also stops lag from building up on picking up items.

  • Not imperative but is recommended that you use the mouse as the weapons now change the view pitch a little (depending on the weapon)
  • 6.06 and later: Bindings will have changed as the mod switched from numbered scripts to named. The key binding to dropping the weapon will need rebinding.

Patches Patch 6.06.1:

  • Removed the anti-cheat script.
  • Added one new weapon.
  • Added one new enemy.
  • Added one new powerup.
  • Added new soul mechanic.
  • Rebalanced (almost) the entire gameplay.
  • Fixed the start-up incompatibility with one of ZDoom's bugfixes.
  • Themes may now be individually toggled.
  • Directors may now be individually toggled, including the Left 4 Dead Director in normal games.
  • Increased compatibility for other maps using ACS scripting, and/or non-standard doom effects.
  • NOTE:
    • Themes, directors, and extras require starting a new game in order to take effect.
    • While compatibility for other maps has been increased, this does not guarantee it's 100%. Improvements are noticeable, however.

Patch 6.02:

  • Fixed the drops on the "monster mayhem" mode
  • The mini wyvern and the heretic imp leader had an old bug with the disintegration death
  • FCyberSon was extremely aggressive when hit.
  • Fixed the windup speed of the vulcan cannon alt fire
  • Fixed the dummy monster behavior in the L4D mode
  • FDementor aura was greatly decreased
  • Brand new mode called "Portal Run"

Patch 6.01:

  • New "Nightmare!" skill level.
  • Shotgunner class monsters drop an special orb to give you a shotgun equivalent.
  • V6's nightmare is now known as "Monster mayhem"
  • Reworked menu graphics to be more readable
  • Several projectiles not playing any sound
  • Lichstaff recoil was being applied too late
  • Leftovers of a weapon no longer in AEoD were still being dropped
  • Blood Zombie was sometimes randomly spawning friendly critters
  • Hellroot was not alerting monsters when fired
  • Some weapons were not playing any "draw" sound.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with Scythe 2
  • If player gets killed but changes to a new map, now you get again the starting weapons instead of entering the new map with empty hands.

Release 6.0:

  • This is the biggest overhaul to this date in terms of modifications to AEons of Death.
  • New additions include:
  • Themes, Game modes, and different playing aspects
  • New weapons
  • New monsters
  • The Director - See the readme.txt for more details.
  • Bestiary monsters have been removed.
  • Player class alternatives have been removed.
  • A list of changes and bug fixes which, due to so many, cannot be listed.

Patch 5.29.1:

  • Fixed the custom HUDs not showing up

Patch 5.29:

  • Player class can be selected when starting a new game
  • Changed "Drop weapon" to "AEoD drop weapon" key binding, to make it very clear
  • Removed the other "drop weapon" in the key configuration menu
  • Fixed spycrab bug when being desintegrated
  • Fixed multiphased bosses spawner bug that made seeker projectiles attack the spawner instead of the monster
  • Added Alocer's missing custom pain states

Patch 5.28:

  • Fixed double rocket launcher HUD sprites dissapearing on zdoom
  • Added the missing weapons either to spawners or as monster drops
  • Added damage types to the BFGsplashes (impossible due to engine limits in 5.25)
  • Added 3 "new monsters" based on hexen's players
  • Fixed the bad disintegration deaths of flying monsters that used the "crash" state
  • Self resurrecting monsters now cant be made friendly due to engine limitations

which caused a bug.

  • Fixed EDF player not starting with the appropiate weapons
  • Fixed countless minor bugs with monsters and weapons
  • Added new teleport effect

Patch 5.25:

  • Addition of extra monsters through DECORATE only
  • Moved many of the weapons from the spawners to monsters
  • New disintegration death
  • New damage system (see thread for details, first post)
  • Countless numbers of bug fixes
  • Disruptor weapon remade from scratch, code-wise
  • New hand (SBC) cannon alt-fire
  • New effects

Patch 5.03:

  • Fixed some weapons that were never meant to be silent
  • Fixed a few ammo types that were giving less ammo than supposed
  • Fixed a bug where the vorpal blade could continually gain a charge from certain decorations
  • Changed 'Health Bottle' to 'Medikit' in the configure controls options.
  • Shield gladiator and shield hover rarity adjusted
  • Hellion rarity fixed
  • Fixed a bug on the antichikenator duration
  • Made sure peasants cant open doors
  • Fixed hexen bosses disappearing when were killed with fire damage
  • Quake mummy can be frozen now

Patch 5.01:

  • Fixed graphics for the dice
  • Fixed graphics for the PMF prox mine
  • HL2SuperCombine now drops the disruptor like it should
  • Made hellion slightly less common and less prone to morph you
  • Added the radiation suit to the menu key option
  • Fixed a spelling mistake with the gauntlets pickup message
  • Fixed the SPAS shotgun's alt-fire not using any ammo


  • Cory Whittle (Immoral conduct)
  • Marc A. Pullen (QDOOM - Quake Done DOOM Style)
  • TheDarkArchon (Demented Reality) (also, to all people he gave credits to)
  • Xaser (0verp0wer Weap0ns)
  • Fiend (Divine Intervention 2)
  • Sphagne (ZDoom Sin Weapon Pack 1)
  • Jason Mezzacca (A L | E N S: the total conversion)
  • The Innocent Crew (Obituary 1.1, updated version)
  • Wraithchilde (Sirens)
  • DD_133 and various others (for Marines & Monsters Pack)
  • BlackFish (Counter-Doom: EDGE, the sprites for "siren of the woods")
  • Espi (Guns PC v1.261)
  • MasterOFDeath (i|\|5@|\|i1y W3@p0|\|5!) (also, to all people he gave credits to)
  • Daniel (armas/Weapons#(various))
  • He gives credits for the "125 Skins" to:
  • Javier Fdo. Almenara Otoya
  • Gokuma
  • Cory Whittle
  • Badger
  • Andrew Brockhouse
  • Aaron Zendt
  • Cory Whittle
  • Michael Gummelt
  • M. Tajima
  • Alec Bellanca
  • Stephen Browning
  • Cacodemon Leader
  • Ed Cripps
  • Drav35
  • JassteX
  • Zipper
  • Collin Potratz
  • Striker
  • Mike Fredericks
  • Daniel
  • WraithChilde
  • Samuel Villarreal (Doom64: The Absolution) he thanks:
  • Midway
  • ID Software
  • all members of Doom Depot
  • The person/s who made the Doom64 mod (I didnt found credits or a readme)
  • The person/s who made the Quake2 mod (I didnt found credits or a readme)
  • Eric Ou for Demon Eclipse (also, to all people he gave credits to) for all the incredible sprites he makes
  • For the Doom3 weapons: ChaosCentral
  • Sounds: Many
  • ZDoom: Randy, Christoph Oelckers
  • GZDoom: Christoph Oelckers
  • Bugfinding: Major Cooke, Ichor, Reilsss, Boldenglishman, Project Dark Fox
  • Hosting: Reilsss
  • Colored Sprites - ChaosCentral
  • For the Monsters resource wad
Dark Imps, Satyr, Cyber Mastermind, wad compilation for v1.0, most scripting
Stone Imp, Imp Warlord, Hell Guard, Bat and Dragon Familiars, additional scripting
Graf Zahl
Wad compilation for v2.0 and 3.0, Rapid Fire Trooper, Rocket Zombie, Fire Wyvern, BFG Zombie, Stealth Fighter, additional scripting
Additional scripting
Void's Dark Imp, Snake Imp, Blood Demon
Zombie Marine, Nightmare Cacodemon, Chainsaw Zombie, Cacolich scripting
Soul Harvester, Enhanced Cacodemon, and Hell Warrior from TNT3, Terror, Hell's Fury ans Maelstrom sprites, ZombieRailgunner/RifleZombie sprites
Hell's Fury scripting, Plasma Elemental scripting, Maelstrom scripting, Cacolich scripting, RifleZombie scripting
Scorpion Mastermind
Tortured Soul
Lexus Alyus
Cacolantern sprite
Original Tortured Soul sprite
Björn Ostmann
Baron from Rebirth
Cacolich sprites
The Ultimate Doomer
Plasma Elemental idea
The Innocent Crew
Rocket Zombie, Stealth Fighter and Super Imp
The Alpha Dog Alliance (Strain)
for inspiration and the Mauler Demon's sprite
SkullTag's Dark Imp, Blood Demon, Cacolantern, Belphegor
id Software
Doom and Doom II
Raven Software
Heretic and Hexen
Randy Heit
  • To J.K. Rowling (You know the "dementor" monster)
  • Gez
  • Maelstrom
  • Ghastly_Dragon
  • Captain Toenail
  • Hsolo77
  • Icitux
  • DOOMERO-21
  • Duducrazy
  • Vaecrius
  • WildWeasel
  • Reilsss weapon enhancements credits
  • Reilsss give credits for the weapons to the creators of the following mods:
  • zen dynamics
  • zp-zerot.wad
  • le-guns2.wad & le-guns3.wad
  • haloweapons.wad
  • ww-xm.wad
  • core.wad
  • turokdoom.wad
  • painkill.wad
  • q2weapbeta.wad
  • grnade_x.wad
  • And to the creators of the following games:
  • Unreal Tournament
  • UT2003
  • UT2004
  • Turok
  • SIN
  • Serious Sam
  • Serious Sam 2
  • Red Faction
  • Major Cooke credits and -thank you- list:
  • Xaser: For letting me rip the Mephisto shotgun from Psychic.
  • Ichor: For being the brains behind a lot of the weapons code. Also for making the regular ROTT enemies when I fell into development hell for that short period of time.
  • Reilsss: For being the brawn behind the new weapons graphics and sounds.
  • Bouncy: For helping me learn how to create my first monster, El Oscuro.
  • DBThanatos: The old HHH graphics.
  • Michaelis: For being the brains behind the new ACS systems.
  • Apogee: Rise of the Triad resources
  • 3D Realms: "I am the SHADOW WARRIOR!" - For Lo Wang.
  • Croteam: Serious Sam sounds for the cannon
  • Myself: Creator of the hand cannon, cannon balls, volcano cannon, mephisto shotgun implimentation, *censored by DBT* reskin and coding, gluon gun, tome of set, inferno syphon, AWP, and Hand of God. Also brought in El Oscuro, NME, Sebastian Krist, and General Darian.
  • You, the players: For reading this readme file and for playing Aeons of Death. I love you all. <3
  • All People involved in the creation of this fantastic games:
  • DooM, DooM II & DooM III
  • Heretic
  • Hexen
  • Hexen II
  • Strife
  • Quake
  • Quake II
  • Quake 4
  • Diablo
  • Diablo II
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Blood
  • Blood II
  • Half-Life
  • Half-Life 2
  • American McGee's Alice
  • Redneck Rampage
  • Rise of the Triad
  • Shadow Warrior
  • Witchaven
  • To the guy who made the BFG9k5
  • The creator of the CyberSpectre
  • The person/s who made the Doom64 mod (I didn't find credits or a readme)
  • The person/s who made the Quake2 mod (I didn't find credits or a readme)
  • lahunoxnaakal for the titlepic
  • !asht535 for the optional interpic
  • pimp03 for the interpic
  • Eduardp911 for the conback pic
  • AEoD official testers:
  • BoldEnglishman
  • Captain Ventris
  • GunPsycho (AKA Dljosef)
  • Project DarkFox
  • Xaser
  • AEoD development team
  • Bouncy: Emerit AEoD developer.
  • DBThanatos: AEoD team leader. Mainly monster designer, medium weapon designer. FX main designer
  • Ichor: Huge weapon and monster designer. Professional bugfixer
  • Major Cooke: Weapon designer and minor monster designer. Trailer maker. Help on titlemap
  • Reilsss: Main weapon designer & sound compiler. New menu graphics & titlemap base