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Every type of actor (enemies, projectiles, item pickups, obstacles, special effects...) in ZDoom is called a class. For the purpose of this article, a class can be thought of as a way of grouping all the properties of an object under a single name. ZDoom defines all the classes needed for each of the supported game, and as long as the needed graphics and sounds are provided they can all be used in any game.

Normally, objects are placed on a map using either the thing numbers in a level editor, or using the SpawnID in an ACS script. However, each game supported by ZDoom has conflicting thing numbers, so to facilitate spawning objects from other games, the Spawn and SpawnSpot ACS commands were created. To place actors from another game directly in the map editor, you can define spawners that will have a non-conflicting editor number and drop the wanted actor.

You can also spawn classes manually while playing, via the Summon console command.

Click on one of the links below to get the full list of classes for the specified game.

The following classes are Skulltag specific actors that are currently not available in ZDoom but may be in the future.

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Categories by game

Categories by type

  • Key: For opening locked doors.
  • Light sources: A type of decoration that is supposed to emit light.
  • Map spot: Invisible things that achieve certain special effects.
  • Monster: Enemies and allies that aren't controlled by a player.
  • Player: Enemies and allies that are controlled by a player.
  • Powerup: Items (other than health or armor) that are used on pickup.
  • Power: Effects and abilities gained by using an artifact or powerup.
  • Puzzle item: In practice, a type of key that is lost when used.
  • Quest item: An item that must be in the inventory to progress in Strife quests.
  • Script thing: For scripting actors and points of view.
  • Token: An hidden item placed in the inventory to help the engine keep track of things.
  • SFX: Special effects such as projectile trails, sparks, dripping water and so on.
  • Vegetation: Trees, mushrooms, mosses and lichens.
  • Weapon: What can go in a player's arsenal.