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ACC is an ACS script compiler for use with ZDoom and Hexen. The latest version is 1.60. Download ACC

The command-line is simple; first you make your script file in notepad or another text editor. Then save it somewhere (preferably in the acc folder). For Windows users you should make a shortcut to or cmd.exe (for WinNT or later) and set the "Start In: " to nothing. Then open the prompt and type:

acc.exe <source file>.acs <output file>.o

The output file can then be imported as a BEHAVIOR lump or a library, as appropriate.

ACC supports four command line parameters:

-i <path>
Specify a directory for where to find the #include files if they are not found in the working directory.
Output debugging information.
Output debugging information in a file.
Produce bytecode that is compatible with the original Hexen binary and any source port that supports Hexen. This requires that you only use "vanilla" functions. If the scripts' code contains features incompatible with the vanilla Hexen, compilation will abort with an error messsage. By default, ACC creates bytecode in a different format that supports the features and enhancement that ZDoom added to ACS.
Produce bytecode with the lowest compatibility level possible to successfully compile the scripts: vanilla Hexen if possible, otherwise elevate to ACSE or ACSe.

SLADE 3 and both Doom Builders are able to use ACC directly if they are properly configured, so you do not need to go through the command line and import routine. Doom Builder 2 even installs ACC directly, though its version may need to be overwritten with a newer one. New functions are now defined in accompanying .acs files rather than in the executable, these may therefore need to be replaced by newer ones in order to use recent features. DRD Team offers compilation of the .acs package that are up-to-date with the latest ZDoom versions, and if any revision are newer than the latest official build, compiled builds can be found there as well.

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