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Author C30N9
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from File Front


Master Arach fight.

BOSS is a single level wad including a TITLEMAP shown instead of the main screen. It's about a player accessing through the map normally meeting two custom bosses. One is encountered as Sub-Boss and the another is the final boss.


You start in a room that is empty (furniture was removed of that room) near a base for marines. A marine was looking to a water view but suddenly imps spawn and kill him. You wonder what was that (text displayed). You search the room but you'll encounter a mirror. You see from that mirror that water had became lava and monsters are teleporting to the earth. Then the player starts playing.


  • A TITLEMAP shown at the start
  • Simple ACS Scripting
  • Music remixes used as a boss fight
  • New 3 monsters


  • The Ultimate Challenge.mid (D_ULTIM.mid) used as the TITLEMAP music
  • Waltz of the demons.mp3 used as the normal map music (MAP01)
  • I Sawed the demons remix.mp3 by dark luke, used as the first boss fight
  • Gothic Sandy.mp3 by Mazedude, used as the second boss fight

Non-Standard Monsters List

  • Paingasm - a green Cacodemon, can be found alone or summond by the dark cardinal (below)
  • Master Arach - double stretched size Arachnotron
  • The Dark Cardinal - a black Cyber-Demon floating with green fire taken from Realm667


It's only for one player with no deathmatch starts.

Extra Information


BOSS used an older TITLEMAP which showing monsters fighting each other, but now it's replaced with 4 Cyber-demons.