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179:ChangeSkill (skill)

Skill: The skill that the game will be changed to. The default skill levels are:

  • 0 — Very Easy
  • 1 — Easy
  • 2 — Normal
  • 3 — Hard
  • 4 — Nightmare!


Changes the current skill of the game. The skill change will take affect at the next map change. Instead of numbers (0—4), you can also use the following (defined in zdefs.acs):


Using these will greatly increase code readability. Note, however, that ZDoom can support up to 16 skill levels, though only UDMF maps can provide skill filters for skills above 4.


This is a simple example script which ends the level, adjusting the skill according to a very primitive inspection of the player's final state. The script works just like an Exit_Normal special.

script 100 (int pos)
	int health = GetActorProperty(0, APROP_HEALTH);
	if (health < 25 && GameSkill() > SKILL_VERY_EASY)
		ChangeSkill(GameSkill() - 1);
	if (health > 100 && GameSkill() < SKILL_HARD)
		ChangeSkill(GameSkill() + 1);

First the health of the player is found. Then, if they are particularly low on health, and it is possible to reduce the skill, the skill is dropped a level. On the other hand, if they are doing very well, the skill is increased. Finally the level is exited as normal.

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