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Cutscenes are a feature backported from Raze. They allow for mappers and modders to play MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngFull-motion videos using MAPINFO map, episode, cluster, and gameinfo definitions, or by using the screen job ZScript API. By default, cutscenes can be skipped by pressing any key besides the menu button while they are playing.

Note: video assignment in MAPINFO requires the use of directory-structured archives, as looking up the video requires its full name (path, name and extension). WAD archives are not supported.


There are three types of cutscenes: intro, outro and game over. The following table lists which MAPINFO sections support which types, as well as when the cutscenes play:

Section Intro Outro Game over When to play

At the beginning of the cluster (intro).
At the end of the cluster (outro).
Upon the player's death in the cluster (game over).

Episode Upon starting the episode.
GameInfo At the beginning of the game, before the titlescreen.

Upon entering the map from another map (intro).
Upon leaving the map (outro).

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