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DEFBINDS is a cumulative, text-based lump that sets the default key binds for the game. The syntax is as follows:

<bind_command> <key> <command>
  • bind_command: the bind command to use. They are bind, doublebind and mapbind. Specifying no bind command defaults to bind.
  • key: the key to bind.
  • command: the command to bind the key to.

The key binds from this lump are only set if their corresponding sections are absent from the configuration file, with the sections being: [<game>.Bindings], [<game>.DoubleBindings] and [<game>.AutomapBindings]. The engine will create and populate these sections with the defaults upon being run for the first time with each game.


This binds tab to togglemap; double-binds r to +reload; and map-binds c to am_clearmarks.

bind tab togglemap
doublebind r +reload
mapbind c am_clearmarks

For commands that take arguments, quotation marks are required around the command and passed arguments:

bind t "summon plasmarifle"