E1M5 Reincarnated

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More Spork magic, this time through SHAWN2.
E1M5 Reincarnated
Author Agent Spork
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoomLogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link E1M5 Reincarnated at Doomworld/idgames


Carrying on in the same vein as E1M3 Reincarnated, but this time with some NiGHTMARE textures, Spork created another very clean looking, from scratch reinterpretation of an E1 level. It does feature a few non-E1 monsters (including stealth monsters), but otherwise it is largely made entirely from E1 material. You need to play it on E1M5 of (Ultimate) Doom using ZDoom. Once again, the mapping and overall feel is very much Spork's own style, but the sense of deja vu should appeal to most players.