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50:ExtraFloor_LightOnly (tag, type)

  • tag: tag of sector to apply effect to
  • type: Type of light effect (see below)

This special, when placed on a line, will transfer the control sector's (the sector on the first side) light level to the walls of the sector referenced by tag at the heights specified from the control sector.

If you have a real sector, floor/ceiling heights 0 and 128, and have a control sector with heights 64 and 96, you would get sort of a white bar from 64 to 96 in the real sector. You can, of course, apply slopes, colored lighting and any effect to the control sector.

The second parameter is the type of light effect to do. The available values are as follows:

0 — Extra light extends from ceiling of control sector down to top of another type 0 light.
1 — Extra light extends from ceiling down to the floor of the control sector.
2 — Extra light extends from control sector's ceiling down to the top of another extra light.

Note that when using two or more extra lights on a sector, the linedef with the lower number has priority.

Example: let's say the real sector's floor/ceiling heights are 0 and 128, the first control sector's heights are 0 and 64, and the second control sector's heights are 32 and 128. If the first control sector's type 50 linedef is linedef #100, and the second's is linedef #200, that would mean heights 0–64 would be the light level of the first control sector, and 64–128 the level of the second control sector. If the linedef numbers were swapped over, then heights 0–32 would be the light level of the first control sector, and 32–128 the level of the second control sector.

Note that this is implemented as a Sector_Set3DFloor with invisible textures, so sector effects such as damaging specials are also transferred.

An example wad can be found here.