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121:Line_SetIdentification (lineid, moreflags, reserved1, reserved2, lineid_hi)

Warning: This special exists only in the Hexen map format. The line ID and all flags available with this special can instead be set directly within the linedef properties of a UDMF map, giving this special no reason to be available in this format.

  • lineid: Identification number for this line
  • moreflags: Allows setting of line flags that don't fit in the flag word anymore.
  • lineid_hi: High byte of the line id

Used to identify this line for certain specials and ACS commands, as well as to give it additional linedef flags that are not supported by the Hexen map format.

The following bits are defined for moreflags:

Value UDMF name Description
1 zoneboundary Defines a zone boundary for sound environments.
2 jumpover Defines a railing. A railing has the lowest 32 map units blocked but is passable above that.
4 blockfloaters Blocks floating monsters.
8 clipmidtex Clip mid textures to floor and ceiling.
16 wrapmidtex Wrap mid textures so that they fill the entire height between floor and ceiling. This implies clipping them to floor and ceiling.
32 midtex3d 3dMidtex: Treats the mid texture on this linedef as a part of solid geometry. The texture part of such a linedef blocks actor movement (like a railing) and players and monsters can walk on such textures. Linedefs with this flag set can be attached to moving sectors via the Sector_Attach3dMidtex action special.
64 checkswitchrange Performs a check whether a switch is reachable for the player before activating it. If a switch is too high or low or completely in the ground or ceiling it will not activate.
128 firstsideonly Line can only be triggered from the front side.

How to use the high byte in lineid_hi:

Parameter 1 has the low byte, and parameter 5 has the high byte, so the lineid is parm1+(parm5×256). This lets you affect lineids higher than 255. For example, if the lineid is 4 then the low byte is 4 and the high byte is 0. But if the lineid is 3027, the low byte is 211 and the high byte is 11 (11×256 + 211 = 3027).

Note: For the original Hexen maps, or any maps using the Hexen MAPINFO format, the 2nd–5th parameters of this special are ignored. This is to restore compatibility with classic maps which may have set these parameters even though they were not used at the time. To ensure that this special works as expected, make sure to use ZDoom's new MAPINFO format as defined here.


   in 'linedefs mode', right-click on a line, and at the 'action' textbox, input #121
   from then on, fill the options that appear.
   Use the lineid you set in your scripts.

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