MAPINFO options for GZDoom's GL renderer

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Center Warning: This feature does not work in ZDoom but in its OpenGL children ports.

GZDoom's GL renderer has its own set of MAPINFO options. To ensure that such MAPINFOs can still be read by ZDoom and other engines not supporting these features these options must be used with the new "property = value" syntax, rather than the old "property value" syntax. This is necessary to let the parser determines reliably whether an unknown word is an unsupported property it should ignore, or a parameter for the previous property.

Note: These properties are specified in the map or defaultmap block, as described in MAPINFO/Map definition.

The GL renderer defines the following options:

fogdensity = <value>

Sets a global fog density for the entire level and disables fog by light level as the software renderer does. This may be useful if you want to add fog to a level that already uses light levels without the fog looking odd. The default value is 255, with the value range being open-ended. Thus, 512 would be about “twice as thick” as the default.

outsidefogdensity = <value>

Same as above but only applies to outside fog (sectors with sky as ceiling or the 'outside fog' sector type.)

skyfog = <value>

Applies fog to the sky. <value> specifies the density.

lightadditivesurfaces = <value>

Controls dynamic lighting of additive surfaces.
  • 0: disallows.
  • 1: allows.

lightmode = <value>

Forces one of the lighting modes that can be set in the options menu. Values are:
  • 0 (Standard): Bright lighting model and stronger fading in bright sectors.
  • 1 (Bright): Bright lighting model and weaker fading in bright sectors.
  • 2 (Doom): Dark lighting model and weaker fading in bright sectors plus some added brightening near the current position. Requires GLSL features to be enabled.
  • 3 (Dark): Dark lighting model and weaker fading in bright sectors.
  • 4 (Legacy): Emulates lighting of Legacy 1.4's GL renderer.
  • 8 (Software): Emulates ZDoom software lighting. Requires GLSL 1.30 or greater (OpenGL 3.0+).
  • 16 (Vanilla): Emulates vanilla Doom software lighting. Requires GLSL 1.30 or greater (OpenGL 3.0+).

By default, this value is -1, meaning not set. When it's this way, gl_maplightmode can be used to change the lighting. The cvar does not save and will reset upon starting GZDoom again.


Disables colored lights for sprites.

skyrotate = <x> <y> <z>

Specifies an axis vector around which the sky rotates. The default is x=0, y=0, z=1. This only has an effect with Quake-2-style skyboxes.

pixelratio = <value>

Specifies the y-aspect ratio at which objects in the map will be scaled. Default is 1.2 to maintain compatibility with the stretched 320x200 resolution which was prevalent in Doom's MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngDOS days. Setting value to 1.0 would imply square pixels. Negative values are possible. In order to maintain compatibility with other DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngsource ports such as Doomsday, models will not be scaled in this manner, and must be changed to the new ratio independently using MODELDEF.


Disables light diminishing. Note that this only works for light modes 0-3. Modes 4 and 8 use special light math that would not work if such a setting was forced.