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The main menu in DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngHR2.

The player setup regroups the different options that relate to player appearance, such as the displayed name, gender, and skin, The main menu appears when hitting any key on the titlescreen or when hitting the Escape key during a game. Its MENUDEF name is MainMenu and it can be summoned with the menu_main console command. Its content varies slightly from game to game:

Allows to start a new game.
Allows to change settings and options in ZDoom.
Allows to resume a game from a save.
Allows to save the ongoing game. Accessing it is denied if not currently within a game.
Allows to access the save and load menus. Heretic and Hexen use this menu instead of the previous two.
Also called Read this!, merely displays the help screens in sequence.
Displays a random message asking for confirmation and closes the program.