Master Levels Menu Interface

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Master Levels Menu Interface
Author Zippy
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Master Levels Menu Interface at Doomworld/idgames


This mod is a single menu map which is designed to be loaded with the DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngMaster Levels for Doom II. The Master Levels are a loose collection of 20 single map wads commercially released by id Software that, when originally released, were normally run through a DOS tool that would let the user pick the wad they wanted to play and would launch Doom II with that single wad loaded. The Master Levels Menu Interface allows the user, with a small amount of set up, to have all the Master Levels loaded into ZDoom at once and still choose the order in which they want to play the maps, through an in-game menu. This forgoes the need to restart the engine each time you're loading a different Master Levels wad.

Obtaining the Master Levels

The Master Levels for Doom II is a commercially released product by id Software and must be purchased. It can be purchased from as part of their Doom II + Final Doom pack, or from DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngSteam as part of their Doom Classic Complete Pack. The individual Master Levels wad files can be found in <Doom II install folder>/master/wads for the distribution, and in <Steam folder>/SteamApps/common/Master Levels of Doom/master/wads for the Steam distribution.

If digital purchase is not a desirable solution, the only other option is to look for second hand retailers who might have it, online or offline.

Set up

Using the Master Levels Menu Interface to work with the Master Levels requires a small amount of set up. The text file included with the download of the menu interface (the text file is the same as the one displayed on the Doomworld/idgames download page) contains detailed instructions and should be referred to. The shortest version is that the system using ZDoom's ability to read zip files. Many of the Master Levels overwrite MAP01, but by using the zip system to separate the Master Levels wad files into different logical namespaces, the map contents don't overwrite each other. Generally speaking, the Master Level wads are packed into a maps folder in a zip file to be loaded with ZDoom, however there are a few special steps so please be sure to read the instructions.