Nick of Time

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Nick of Time
Author Sebastian Ratcliffe
Port ZDoom
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Status Released
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Basically the idea I had was a time travel adventure. whereby you go to different periods in history (as well as the future) and kill baddies. Thinking of the perfect bad guys, I thought: Nazis! No, no, it's been done - Terrorists! So I went with that concept and came up with the following idea (it's a bit tacky, but go with it):

Scientists have been meddling around with technology similar to the Large Hadron Collider in order to try to make controlled black holes in order to travel back and forth through time. Their work was successful and they created more and more of these "Wormholes", finally making one that could be kept permanently open. However, as the team celebrated, they were oblivious to a masked force stealing their way into the labs. This terrorist force made no demands and took no hostages. As the bodies of the scientists cooled on the floor, the Force made their intentions clear... The leader, a man known only as The Prophet declared war on humanity. With the ability to travel back and forth through time, The Prophet intends to capture the most brutal and brilliant minds from history to help him with his campaign of destruction. They powered up the Collider and made a huge rent in space-time. They opened up a gateway to another plane of existence - the Void, the space between spaces, a nightmare realm teeming with monsters and time radiation, or Flux. With the opening of this Hole, a deadly wave of Flux poured out upon the city, bringing with it the denizens of the Void. Those that didn't melt in the Flux went mad, or were to be feasted upon by the Warp Spawn. But not you... You are Nick Stotle, only son of Barry Stotle, the world's prime philosopher in inebriation theory. Nearly brain dead from alcohol poisoning when the Force set off the Collider, you were the only person in the city who escaped the Flux Wave. It's up to you to save the world... If only in the Nick of Time.


Episode One, The Facility - Atrium, Outer Courtyard, Information Retrieval, Research Division, Event Horizon, The Edge of the Spiral.

Episode Two, Medieval Europe - The Sacrificial Pit, Forest of Doom, Caves of Lamentations, Oubliette of Peril, Vile Citadel, Maligned Rectory, The Lightning-Struck Tower.

Episode Three, USSR - Icy Steppes, HMS Bloodbath, Gulag, Moscow Bloody Moscow, Asylum, The Manufactory, Tesla's Lab.

Episode Four, Ancient Egypt - Charnel House, The Great Library, Shifting Sands, The Tomb, Necropolis, Through the Veil...

Episode Five, The Void - Confluence of Eternity, Realm of Darkness, Realm of Might, Realm of Magic...

Secret Levels - Moon Base, The Secret Outpost...


1 The Good Book 2 Pistol 3 Blaster/Hand Cannon 4 Spitfire Repeater Rifle 5 Flame Staff/Staff of Ra 6 Sonic Attack 7 Teleforce 8 Hand of God 9 Sword of the Divine 0 Void Generator