Old Memories

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A brown fortress.
Old Memories
Author Wraith
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniHereticLogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Old Memories at Doomworld/idgames


Strange machinery.

Old Memories is a single-level map for Heretic taking the E4M1 slot. Although advertised as being made for ZDoom and working properly only with this port, it does not seem to use ZDoom-specific features. There are no scripts and no new content.

The gameplay consists in fights against swarm of enemies that are constantly reinforced through teleportation from their remote holding pens. Health and armor are sparse, and so is ammo in the beginning. The architecture has an elegant simplicity to it, though it is sometimes nonsensical, such as when a large door opens to reveal nothing but a tiny corridor behind it. The level flow is sometimes a bit confusing, with switch hunts, backtracking, and a non-linearity of design that involves a couple of red herrings.

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