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221:Scroll_Texture_Both (lineid, left, right, down, up)

  • lineid: Line ID of line to scroll
  • left: Speed to scroll left
  • right: Speed to scroll right
  • down: Speed to scroll down
  • up: Speed to scroll up

Scrolls a texture both horizontally and vertically. If the lineid is 0, this special will affect the speed of the texture scrolling on the line it is placed on. The other four parameters determine how quickly the texture scrolls in each direction.

If you use a non-zero lineid, you can change the scrolling of the specified lines when this special is activated (either directly or in a script). A positive lineid changes the scrolling on the front of the line, and a negative lineid changes the scrolling on the back of the line.

Of note: when applying to this property to a row of textures, only the visibly front-facing textures seem to be affected.


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Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as :

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 425:Scroll Up & Left Scroll_Texture_Both (0, 64, 0, 0, 64)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 426:Scroll Down & Left Scroll_Texture_Both (0, 64, 0, 64, 0)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 427:Scroll Up & Right Scroll_Texture_Both (0, 0, 64, 0, 64)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 428:Scroll Down & Right Scroll_Texture_Both (0, 0, 64, 64, 0)