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52:Scroll_Wall (lineid, x, y, side, flags)

  • lineid: The id of the line to apply the scrolling effect to.
  • x: The horizontal scroll speed as a fixed point value.
  • y: The vertical scroll speed as a fixed point value.
  • side: The side of the line to affect. 0 for front; 1 for back.
  • flags: Which parts of the wall to affect. (see below)

Causes one or more sections on the given side of the indicated line(s) to begin scrolling at the rate specified. Upper, lower, and mid textures can be set to scroll seperately. If x and y are both 0, scrolling for the given section of the line will be stopped.

flags specifies which parts of the wall will scroll. This can be a combination of the following values:

  • 1: scroll the upper texture
  • 2: scroll the mid texture
  • 4: scroll the lower texture

Note: Sidedefs with the 3DMIDTEX flag will not scroll because scrolling would interfere with their intended function.