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According to Gutawer:

they also have addition operators and multiplication operators
you can do q0 * q1 which concatenates the rotations (which makes a rotation where q1 goes first, then q0 - this is often counterintuitive to people new to the concept but it's like 
matrices and because quaternions/matrices are typically postmultiplied)
and you can do q * v where v is Vector3, which applies the rotation to the vector
the methods should mostly be explained by their name perhaps besides NLerp and SLerp which refer to normalized lerping and spherical lerping
spherical lerping is the "proper" way to interpolate quaternions because it takes a unit speed path on the hypersphere
(which has the effect of giving a constant speed rotation)
but nlerp is faster, probably not by that much in most cases

But I don't know the best way to detail this information on the Wiki so I'm leaving it here if anyone else wants to try.