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136:Thing_ProjectileGravity (tid, type, angle, speed, vspeed)

Spawns a projectile and subjects it to gravity. Note that this special requires the actor being spawned to have a SpawnID. To spawn an actor without one, use the SpawnProjectile function instead.

  • tid: Thing ID of the map spot to spawn the projectile at
  • type: Type of projectile to spawn, from the list of Spawn numbers
When using this special on a linedef or a thing in UDMF, you can use the arg1str property to define a class name instead of the arg1 property to define a spawn number.
  • angle: Byte angle of the projectile
  • speed: Horizontal speed of the projectile in units per 8 tics
  • vspeed: Vertical speed of the projectile in units per 8 tics (up is positive)


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