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(no parameters)

Spawns a FireDroplet actor and does fire damage in a 64 unit radius.

A possible way to replicate this with more-customizable functions would be:

   A_SpawnItemEx("FireDroplet", 0, 0, 24, 0, 0, -1)
   A_Explode(64, 64, XF_NOTMISSILE, false) // With DamageType "Fire" on the actor in question


From the state definition of StrifeHumanoid:

   BURN A 3 Bright A_PlaySoundEx("human/imonfire", "Voice")
   BURN B 3 Bright A_DropFire
   BURN C 3 Bright A_Wander
   BURN D 3 Bright A_NoBlocking
   BURN E 5 Bright A_DropFire
   BURN FGH 5 Bright A_Wander
   BURN I 5 Bright A_DropFire
   BURN JKL 5 Bright A_Wander
   BURN M 5 Bright A_DropFire
   BURN NOPQPQ 5 Bright
   BURN RSTU 7 Bright
   BURN V -1