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(no parameters)

Strife's standard dagger attack. This checks whether the player has the berserk effect by looking for the presence of a PowerStrength item in the inventory. Damage formula is (power + 2) * random(0, power + 7), multiplied again by 10 when berserk, and where power is equal to one tenth of the player's stamina with a maximal cap at 10.

The attack is a short-range hitscan attack, with a maximum spread of 5.625°. It uses StrifeSpark puffs and plays on the WEAPON channel the sound "misc/swish" in case of a miss, "misc/metalhit" when hitting actors with the NOBLOOD flag, and "misc/meathit" otherwise. Contrarily to most weapons, the dagger only alerts the target, rather than all actors within earshot.

Struck targets are always unconditionally put into their pain state. (If a Pain.Dagger state is defined, this is used instead. )

This codepointer is restricted to PunchDagger and actors inheriting from it.


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