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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

bool CheckLOF([int flags[, double range[, double minrange[, double angle[, double pitch[, double offsetheight[, double offsetwidth[, int ptr_target[, double offsetforward]]]]]]]]])


Fires out a hitscan ray from the Actor towards its specified target to check if it has a line of fire.


  • flags - 0 by default. The flags to use when checking if a blocking actor should be ignored or not.
  • range - 0 by default. The max range of the hitscan ray. If 0, uses the default hitscan range for attacks.
  • minrange - 0 by default. If greater than 0, the minimum range the hitscan ray must travel for it to be considered valid.
  • angle - 0 by default. The angle offset to apply to the aim.
  • pitch - 0 by default. The pitch offset to apply to the aim.
  • offsetheight - 0 by default. The vertical amount to offset the hitscan origin by.
  • offsetwidth - 0 by default. The sideways amount to offset the hitscan origin by. Positive values shift right while negative values shift left.
  • ptr_target - AAPTR_DEFAULT is the default. Which of the Actor's pointers it should aim at.
  • offsetforward - 0 by default. The forwards amount to offset the hitscan origin by.

Return value

Returns true if the specified target was hit.


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