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Bool CheckMeleeRange (Double Range = -1)


Checks if the calling actor is within melee range of his target. This function is used by several other internal functions such as A_Chase


  • Range: The range the check should use. Default is -1, which means that the range of the check corresponds to the callers' MeleeRange instead.

Return value

Returns true if the caller can perform a melee attack to his target. False if not, the conditions that make the check fail are as follows:

  • The caller is inside a sector with the SECF_NOATTACK flag on.
  • The target is out of the callers' range.
  • The target is above the callers' height, or below the callers' bottom. And the caller doesn't have the NOVERTICALMELEERANGE flag.
  • Both the caller and the target are friendly monsters that work for the same player.
  • The target is out of the callers' sight.


This big Imp has a much more powerful attack than his normal counterparts. But he first calls CheckMeleeRange with a custom range of 128, to make sure that he is able to use his melee.

Class BigImp : DoomImp
		Health 250;
		Radius 30;
		Height 84;
		Mass 250;
		Speed 6;
		Scale 1.5;
		PainChance 150;
			TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIf (CheckMeleeRange(128),"BigMelee");
			TROO EF 10 A_FaceTarget();
			TROO G 8 A_SpawnProjectile ("DoomImpBall",48);
			Goto See;
			TROO EF 12 A_FaceTarget();
			TROO G 10 A_CustomMeleeAttack (10 * Random (1, 8),"Imp/Melee");
			Goto See;