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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

void FindFloorCeiling([int flags])


Gets the floor and ceiling information for the Actor's sector. This function will update the Actor's field values related to it e.g. floorz, ceilingz, etc.


  • flags - 0 by default.
  • FFCF_ONLYSPAWNPOS - Only check the Actor's spawn position for information.
  • FFCF_SAMESECTOR - Use the Actor's current sector instead of getting the one calculated at their position.
  • FFCF_ONLY3DFLOORS - Only check for 3D sectors and mid textures.
  • FFCF_3DRESTRICT - Ignore 3D sectors and mid textures. Implied by FFCF_ONLYSPAWNPOS.
  • FFCF_NOPORTALS - Consider portals to be impassable.
  • FFCF_NOFLOOR - Don't check for floors.
  • FFCF_NOCEILING - Don't check for ceilings.
  • FFCF_RESTRICTEDPORTAL - Not used directly. Tells the checker that the portal being checked has special restrictions on it.
  • FFCF_NODROPOFF - Don't check for drop offs.


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