How to Disappear Completely

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Remember: no skinny dipping.
How to Disappear Completely (or this monotonous gagging)
Author Pablo Dictter
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniHereticLogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link How to Disappear Completely at Doomworld/idgames


Most of the map is like this.

How to Disappear Completely is the third and final map in Pablo Dictter's River of Fire series, and the first to use ZDoom-specific features, namely ACS and a TITLEMAP. The game starts with a brief introduction scene, establishing that you are lost in a maze of twisty underground passages, all alike (that is to say, rock, moss, and lava everywhere). And then you find yourself atop a teleportal stone, besieged by a flock of gargoyles. (Note: You can skip the introduction by going directly to E1M2.)

Gameplay is well-balanced but hard, with ammo rather tight at the start, forcing you to move aggressively to find more ammunition or a safer place to deal with the opposition without being swarmed. The claustrophobic ambiance of the cave network is enhanced by ambient sounds, mostly the low growling of roiling magma, or the deep grumbling of quaking earth, but also sometimes a spooky SFX that generally signals the arrival of more enemies. To find an exit to this volcanic labyrinth, you will need to run, jump, and find switches to lower bars. Some switches are out of reach and have to be shot with your elven wand. Sometimes, you will run into dead ends and have to backtrace, only to find out that an opening revealed itself behind you, from which now emerges a stampede of sabreclaws. Note that throughout the map, dipping in flowing lava is an instant death, but you can survive for a short time on still lava.

Now this is an intriguing room.

The original version of the map is broken in ZDoom versions greater than 2.2.0. A couple of official mirrors for idgames (the Greece and Russia ones) haven't updated to the corrected version that was released in 2010.

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