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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

bool IsVisible(Actor other, bool allaround[, LookExParams params])


Checks if the specified actor is visible to the calling Actor. Checks similarly to A_Look's visual checking but does not modify the Actor in any way.


  • other - The actor to check sight of.
  • allaround - If true and params is not specified, look all around the Actor similar to the LOOKALLAROUND flag.
  • params - null by default. Allows parameters similar to A_LookEx to be passed e.g. minimum distance, fov, etc.

Return value

Returns true if the other actor is visible.


Nuvolachalk.png Note: This article lists no examples. If you make use of this feature in your own project(s) or know of any basic examples that could be shared, please add them. This will make it easier to understand for future authors seeking assistance. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.