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139:Thing_SpawnFacing (tid, type, nofog, newtid)

  • tid: TID of map spot to spawn things at.
  • type: Type of things to spawn.
  • nofog: TRUE if there should be no fog, FALSE otherwise.
  • newtid: TID to give to the newly spawned things.

This special is like Thing_Spawn and Thing_SpawnNoFog combined, except that the angle the newly spawned thing is facing will match the angle of the map spot it spawns at.

Note that this special requires the actor being spawned to have a SpawnID. To spawn an actor without one, use the SpawnSpotFacing function instead.


  • TID is a number that makes a thing unique, the default is zero, and therefore a TID is usually set to something else, like 1. In Doom Builder you have to right click on a thing, select the Effects tab and change the Thing Tag to something besides 0.
  • The type is actually from the list of Spawn numbers. You can either use the number or the defined name (T_SOMETHING) for clarity.
When using this special on a linedef or a thing in UDMF, you can use the arg1str property to define a class name instead of the arg1 property to define a spawn number.
  • New TID is just a way to make the spawned thing unique if you need to refer to it later. It is just a number.


This script spawns a Demon at points 1 to 4 with a delay in between:

script 1 (void)
   Thing_SpawnFacing(1, T_DEMON, FALSE, 0);
   Thing_SpawnFacing(2, T_DEMON, FALSE, 0);
   Thing_SpawnFacing(3, T_DEMON, FALSE, 0);
   Thing_SpawnFacing(4, T_DEMON, FALSE, 0);

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