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208:TranslucentLine (lineid, amount, additive, moreflags)

Warning: This special is not fully supported by the UDMF map format. Certain parameters, noted below, have been made obsolete by the ability to directly specify properties within the linedef structure. These parameters should be set to 0 when using the UDMF format.

  • lineid: Line ID of lines to make translucent (0 for this line). Obsolete in UDMF.
  • amount: How translucent the line should be. Ranges from 0 to 255.
  • additive: Whether this translucent line should use additive translucency or not (0 = normal, 1 = additive)
  • moreflags: Sets extended lineflags. See Line_SetIdentification for details. Obsolete in UDMF. This parameter only has a function when used directly in a map.

Sets the amount of translucency for all matching lines (including itself). If lineid is 0, it only sets the translucency of the line it is on. Like Line_SetIdentification, this special sets the linedef's id. Amount controls how opaque the line is. 0 is nearly invisible. 255 is opaque. Intermediate values are somewhere in between.

You can also use this special in an ACS script to change the translucency for lines whose ids match lineid.


Nuvolachalk.png Note: This article lists no examples. If you make use of this feature in your own project(s) or know of any basic examples that could be shared, please add them. This will make it easier to understand for future authors seeking assistance. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Conversions from linedef types

The following Doom map format types can be converted as TranslucentLine:

Type Conversion Trigger
MiniBoomLogoIcon.pngBoom 260:Translucent Line 66% TranslucentLine (lineid, 168)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 288:Opaque Line TranslucentLine (lineid, 255, 0)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 284:Translucent Line 50% TranslucentLine (lineid, 128, 0)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 285:Translucent Line 75% TranslucentLine (lineid, 192, 0)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 286:Translucent Line 18% TranslucentLine (lineid, 48, 0)
MiniLegacyLogoIcon.pngLegacy 287:Additive Line 50% TranslucentLine (lineid, 128, 1)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 409:Translucent Line 80% TranslucentLine (lineid, 204)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 410:Translucent Line 60% TranslucentLine (lineid, 153)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 411:Translucent Line 40% TranslucentLine (lineid, 101)
MiniEDGELogoIcon.pngEDGE 412:Translucent Line 20% TranslucentLine (lineid, 50)

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