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The Programmer's spectre
Actor type Monster Game MiniStrifeLogoIcon.png (Strife)
DoomEd Number 129 Class Name AlienSpectre1
Conversation ID 67 Puzzle Item ID N/A

Classes: SpectralMonsterAlienSpectre1
A mysterious alien creature that possesses people, bending them to their will, and turning them into dangerous maniacs obsessed with collecting the pieces of the Sigil. They can only be damaged by the Sigil. The Programmer's spectre doesn't accompany the Programmer himself, making him vulnerable to normal weapons and allowing the player to get the first piece of the Sigil. Instead, this spectre is met later in the game, in the ruins of a temple.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR AlienSpectre1 : SpectralMonster
  Health 1000
  PainChance 250
  Speed 12
  Radius 64
  Height 64
  FloatSpeed 5
  Mass 1000
  MinMissileChance 150
  RenderStyle Translucent
  Alpha 0.666
  SeeSound "alienspectre/sight"
  AttackSound "alienspectre/blade"
  PainSound "alienspectre/pain"
  DeathSound "alienspectre/death"
  ActiveSound "alienspectre/active"
  Obituary "$OB_ALIENSPECTRE" // "%o was struck down by the Spectre."

  action native A_AlienSpectreDeath();

    ALN1 A 10 A_Look
    ALN1 B 10 A_SentinelBob
    ALN1 AB 4 Bright A_Chase
    ALN1 C 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    ALN1 DEF 4 Bright A_Chase
    ALN1 G 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    ALN1 HIJ 4 Bright A_Chase
    ALN1 K 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    ALN1 J 4 Bright A_FaceTarget
    ALN1 I 4 Bright A_CustomMeleeAttack((random[SpectreMelee](0, 255)&9)*5)
    ALN1 H 4 Bright
    Goto See
    ALN1 J 4 Bright A_FaceTarget
    ALN1 I 4 Bright A_SpotLightning
    ALN1 H 4 Bright
    Goto See+10
    ALN1 J 2 A_Pain
    Goto See+6
    AL1P A 6 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    AL1P B 6 Bright A_Scream
    AL1P C 6 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    AL1P DE 6 Bright
    AL1P F 6 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    AL1P G 6 Bright
    AL1P H 6 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    AL1P IJK 6 Bright
    AL1P LM 5 Bright
    AL1P N 5 Bright A_SpectreChunkLarge
    AL1P OPQ 5 Bright
    AL1P R 5 Bright A_AlienSpectreDeath