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Dark Servant
Actor type Monster Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png (Hexen)
DoomEd Number None Class Name MinotaurFriend

Classes: MinotaurMinotaurFriend

Dark servants are maulotaurs summoned through the dark servant artifact who attack the foes of his invoker. Excepted for this change of allegiance, they behave identically to Heretic's maulotaurs, but vanish in a puff of smoke when vanquished, and leave neither corpse nor items behind.

For this reason, Hexen does not have all the frames corresponding to the Maulotaur's death, and as a consequence the other sprites are labeled differently. However, ZDoom renames the Hexen attack sprites to prevent conflicts and it is thus possible to use maulotaurs in Hexen and dark servants in Heretic with all their correct animations, as long as the needed sprites are provided.

Minotaur friends use the following actor fields for specific purposes:

moment it was summoned — this field is absent from other actors
player that summoned it

DECORATE definition

ACTOR MinotaurFriend : Minotaur native
  Health 2500
  RenderStyle Translucent
  Alpha 0.3333
  DropItem "None"
    MNTR A 15
    MNTR A 15 A_SetTranslucent(0.66, 0)
    MNTR A 3 A_SetTranslucent(1, 0)
    Goto Super::Spawn
    Goto Super::Spawn
    Goto FadeOut

Related Classes

The parent class Minotaur is of course needed, as well as its own related classes. Also needed are MinotaurSmoke and MinotaurSmokeExit for the Dark Servant's summoning and unsummoning special effects.