Sin City

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The Quake-esque architecture and feel at work.
Sin City
Author Ed Cripps
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Sin City at Doomworld/idgames
Top 10 for 2001 This mod was one of the ten 2001 mods to feature in the Top 100 WADs of All Time on Doomworld!


The first in a series of three wads, Sin City is a small map made up of largely brown textures. Ed Cripps cites DoomWikiLogoIcon.pngThe Spirit World as inspiration for this short, violent and well designed single player adventure. ZDoom features are not used quite as often as in the later two WADs, but it does still include music by Skinny Puppy, new sounds and graphics (a TITLEPIC, amongst other things).

Aside from in the gameplay, this map does not bear much resemblance to its sequels.

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