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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

The Console struct holds functions that mostly deal with printing text strings on the screen and to the console.


All of these methods are static and can be called by prefixing them with Console.:

  • void HideConsole()
Hides the console.
  • vararg void Printf(string fmt, ...)
Prints text on the screen and in the console, similarly to A_Log. Has string formatting built in, like String.Format, so values can be passed after the first argument.
  • vararg void PrintfEx(int printlevel, string fmt, ...)
Extended version of Printf that accepts printlevel as the first argument.
  • void MidPrint(Font fontname, string textlabel, bool bold = false)
Prints text to the console and in the middle of the screen, as opposed to the top left corner. Allows specifying a font, and optionally process the message as bold. In contrast to Printf and PrintfEx, does not have string formatting built in, so String.Format is required to print a formatted string.


Possible printlevel values are defined in the EPrintLevel enum:

enum EPrintLevel
	PRINT_LOW,		// pickup messages
	PRINT_MEDIUM,	// death messages
	PRINT_HIGH,		// critical messages
	PRINT_CHAT,		// chat messages
	PRINT_TEAMCHAT,	// chat messages from a teammate
	PRINT_LOG,		// only to logfile
	PRINT_BOLD = 200,				// What Printf_Bold used
	PRINT_TYPES = 1023,		// Bitmask.
	PRINT_NONOTIFY = 1024,	// Flag - do not add to notify buffer
	PRINT_NOLOG = 2048,		// Flag - do not print to log file