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  2. In fact, it's not just useless, it's actually harmful as it can cause problems.
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Boss cube shooter
Actor type Monster Game MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number 89 Class Name BossEye

Classes: BossEye

This is an invisible actor that periodically fires the SpawnShot actor, more commonly known as the "Boss Cube," as part of the boss on Doom 2's MAP30. Each cube will fly to a random location on the map (determined by a series of BossTarget actors placed in the map) and spawn an enemy at random.

DECORATE definition

  Height 32
    SSWV A 10 A_Look
    SSWV A 181 A_BrainAwake
    SSWV A 150 A_BrainSpit  // See SpawnShot


You can customize which actors are spawned by inheriting from the BossEye actor and providing a list of actors using the DropItem property. For example, this code will create a new shooter that will spawn one of five custom monsters:

actor CustomEye : BossEye
  DropItem "UberZombie"
  DropItem "NaziCommando"
  DropItem "Trite"
  DropItem "D3Imp"
  DropItem "Chicken"

Like for RandomSpawner, the second optional parameter of DropItem can be used to weigh the list, however the first optional parameter has no effect. The following example accurately replicates the odds of the normal BossEye:

actor ICantBelieveItsNotBossEye : BossEye
  DropItem "DoomImp" 		255 50
  DropItem "Demon"		255 40
  DropItem "Spectre"		255 30
  DropItem "PainElemental"	255 10
  DropItem "Cacodemon"		255 30
  DropItem "Archvile"		255  2
  DropItem "Revenant"		255 10
  DropItem "Arachnotron"	255 20
  DropItem "Fatso"		255 30
  DropItem "HellKnight"		255 24
  DropItem "BaronOfHell"	255 10