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This is a list of the default classes available in Heretic and its expansion. For classes from other games, see the main article.


Beast                   // Weredragon
Chicken                 // Chicken
Clink                   // Sabreclaw
Ironlich                // Iron lich
Knight                  // Undead warrior
KnightGhost             // Ghost warrior
Minotaur                // Maulotaur
Mummy                   // Golem
MummyGhost              // Ghost golem
MummyLeader             // Nitrogolem (fires MummyFX1)
MummyLeaderGhost        // Ghost nitrogolem
Snake                   // Ophidian
Sorcerer1               // D'Sparil on a green chaos serpent
Sorcerer2               // D'Sparil without his mount
Wizard                  // Disciple of D'Sparil
HereticImp              // Gargoyle
HereticImpLeader        // Fire gargoyle


Note: GoldWandFX1 and MaceFX1 are not used in the standard game.

ActivatedTimeBomb       // Active time bomb, ready to detonate (don't pick that one up)
BeakPuff                // Chicken beak puff
BeastBall               // Weredragon fireball 
BlasterFX1              // Tomed dragon claw shot (spawns eight Ripper on impact)
BlasterPuff             // Dragon claw puff
BlasterSmoke            // Tomed dragon claw trail
CrossbowFX1             // Main crossbow shot
CrossbowFX2             // Tomed crossbow shot
CrossbowFX3             // Secondary crossbow shot
CrossbowFX4             // Tomed crossbow trail
EggFX                   // Morph Ovum shot
GauntletPuff1           // Gauntlet puff
GauntletPuff2           // Tomed gauntlet puff
GoldWandFX1             // Small wand shot
GoldWandFX2             // Tomed wand shot
GoldWandPuff1           // Wand puff
GoldWandPuff2           // Tomed wand puff
HeadFX1                 // Ice ball (spawns eight HeadFX2 on impact)
HeadFX2                 // Ice shard
HeadFX3                 // Fire pillar
HereticImpBall          // Fire gargoyle fireball
HornRodFX1              // Hellstaff shot
HornRodFX2              // Tomed hellstaff shot
KnightAxe               // Ethereal axe
MaceFX1                 // Fast small mace sphere
MaceFX2                 // Medium mace sphere (bounces twice; spawns two MaceFX3 on each bounce)
MaceFX3                 // Small mace sphere
MaceFX4                 // Tomed mace sphere of DEATH
MinotaurFX1             // Maulotaur fireball
MinotaurFX2             // Maulotaur fireline (spawns MinotaurFX3)
MinotaurFX3             // Maulotaur firetrail
MummyFX1                // Screaming homing head
PhoenixFX1              // Phoenix Rod Shot
PhoenixFX2              // Tomed phoenix rod fire
PhoenixPuff             // Smoke
Puffy                   // BeastBall trail
RainPillar              // Tomed hellstaff rain drop
RedAxe                  // Bloody Axe (trails Blood)
Ripper                  // Ripping sphere
SnakeProjA              // Ophidian ice shot
SnakeProjB              // Ophidian fire shot
SorcererFX1             // Serpent fireball
Sorcerer2FX1            // D'Sparil staff blast
Sorcerer2FX2            // Wizard spawner
Sorcerer2FXSpark        // Staff blast spark
StaffPuff               // Staff puff
StaffPuff2              // Tomed staff puff
WizardFX1               // Disciple shot
Whirlwind               // Tornado



Beak                    // Chicken beak
BeakPowered             // Chicken beak, powered
Blaster                 // Dragon claw
BlasterPowered          // Dragon claw, powered
Crossbow                // Ethereal crossbow
CrossbowPowered         // Ethereal crossbow, powered
Gauntlets               // Gauntlets of the Necromancer
GauntletsPowered        // Gauntlets of the Necromancer, powered
GoldWand                // Elvenwand
GoldWandPowered         // Elvenwand, powered
Mace                    // Firemace
MacePowered             // Firemace, powered
MaceSpawner             // May spawn a firemace
PhoenixRod              // Phoenix rod
PhoenixRodPowered       // Phoenix rod, powered
SkullRod                // Hellstaff
SkullRodPowered         // Hellstaff, powered
Staff                   // Staff
StaffPowered            // Staff, powered


BlasterAmmo             // Claw orb
BlasterHefty            // Energy orb
CrossbowAmmo            // Ethereal arrows
CrossbowHefty           // Quiver of ethereal arrows
GoldWandAmmo            // Wand crystal
GoldWandHefty           // Crystal geode
MaceAmmo                // Mace Spheres
MaceHefty               // Pile of mace spheres
PhoenixRodAmmo          // Flame orb
PhoenixRodHefty         // Inferno orb
SkullRodAmmo            // Lesser runes
SkullRodHefty           // Greater runes


In Heretic, a player can carry up to 16 samples of any given inventory item. If a player already has 16 items of a given type, more items of the same type can't be picked up until some are used. Only one of each type is kept upon entering a new level.

ArtiEgg                 // Morph Ovum (turns enemies into chickens)
ArtiFly                 // Wings of Wrath (flight for a limited duration)
ArtiHealth              // Quartz Flask (heals up to 25 hp)
ArtiInvisibility        // Shadow Sphere (gives translucency)
ArtiInvulnerability     // Ring of Invincibility (invulnerability + goldmap)
ArtiSuperHealth         // Mystic Urn (heals up to 99 hp)
ArtiTeleport            // Chaos Device (teleports back to level start)
ArtiTimeBomb            // Time Bomb of the Ancients (detonate after a few seconds)
ArtiTomeOfPower         // Tome of Power (makes all Heretic weapons more powerful)
ArtiTorch               // Torch (maximum brightness in all sectors, like Doom's infrared goggles)


Contrarily to inventory items, powerups are used directly upon pickup. If they are not needed, they are not picked up.

BagOfHolding            // Bag of holding (Heretic's backpack)
CrystalVial             // Crystal vial (heals up to 10 hp)
EnchantedShield         // Enchanted shield (200 armor)
SilverShield            // Silver shield (100 armor)
SuperMap                // Map scroll (shows unexplored areas in gray lines on the automap)


KeyBlue                 // Blue key
KeyGreen                // Green key
KeyYellow               // Yellow key


Barrel                  // Wooden barrel
BrownPillar             // Brown column
Chandelier              // Chandelier
FireBrazier             // Fire brazier
HangingCorpse           // Hanging tied-up body
KeyGizmoBlue            // Blue serpent holding orb
KeyGizmoFloatBlue       // Blue floating orb
KeyGizmoFloatGreen      // Green floating orb
KeyGizmoFloatYellow     // Yellow floating orb
KeyGizmoGreen           // Green serpent holding orb
KeyGizmoYellow          // Yellow serpent holding orb
Moss1                   // Big moss
Moss2                   // Small moss
Pod                     // Exploding pod
PodGenerator            // Pod generator
PodGoo                  // Pod piece
SerpentTorch            // Serpent torch
SkullHang35             // Skull on shorter rope
SkullHang45             // Skull on short rope
SkullHang60             // Skull on long rope
SkullHang70             // Skull on longer rope
SmallPillar             // Short pillar
StalactiteLarge         // Large stalagtite
StalactiteSmall         // Small stalagtite
StalagmiteLarge         // Large stalagmite
StalagmiteSmall         // Small stalagmite
TeleGlitter1            // Red Teleglitter
TeleGlitter2            // Blue teleglitter
TeleGlitterGenerator1   // Red teleglitter generator
TeleGlitterGenerator2   // Blue teleglitter generator
Volcano                 // Volcano
VolcanoBlast            // Big volcano fireball
VolcanoTBlast           // Small volcano fireball
WallTorch               // Wall-mounted torch

Sound sources

HereticSoundSequence1   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence2   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence3   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence4   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence5   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence6   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence7   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence8   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence9   // Sound sequence actor
HereticSoundSequence10  // Sound sequence actor
SoundWaterfall          // Waterfall Sound
SoundWind               // Wind Sound


BloodySkull             // Bloody skull from gibbed HereticPlayer
BossSpot                // Sorcerer2 teleport spot (spawn these before D'Sparil or he won't teleport!)
ChickenPlayer           // Chicken (player-controlled)
Feather                 // Chicken feather
MummySoul               // Golem soul (appears when a golem is killed)
HereticImpChunk1        // Gargoyle meat chunk
HereticImpChunk2        // Gargoyle meat chunk 2
HereticPlayer           // Corvus or other sidhe
HereticWeapon           // Base class for heretic weapons
RainTracker             // Used to keep track of hellstaff RainPillar
Sorcerer2Telefade       // D'Sparil teleport animation